Mrs. Talarico’s Classes

Important Science and Social Studies Information

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Homework: Foldable and Map project assigned on 2/27 due Tuesday, 3/24

“I am” Poem due, Thurs. 3/26, Ch. 14 Test

Study Island Assignment #4 due Friday 4/3. Graded post-test 4/3.

Monday: Antebellum Reformers in the U.S. – Ch. 14. Work on foldables and poems.

Tuesday: Collect Foldables & Maps. Watch the Week in Rap and identify modern reforms. Work on poems and study guides for Ch. 14

Wednesday: SS Formative Assessment from SCS. Study Island in computer lab.

Thursday: Students read poems. Test Ch. 14.

Friday: Begin Ch. 15. Instruction on causes of the Civil War.

Science, Week of 3/23


Ch. 20 workbook pages due:  Tues. 3/24

Ch. 20 Study Guide:  Wed. 3/25

Ch. 20 Test:  Thursday 3/25

Monday:  Classifying 4 main types of chemical reactions.  Practice worksheet and graded worksheet.

Tuesday:  Check WB pages. Factors influencing reactions rates, reaction energy (2nd period assembly)

Wednesday:  Check study guides.  2nd period: Factors influencing reactions rates, reaction energy:  1st & 3rd:  Reaction Rate Inquiry Lab

Thursday:  Review game, test Ch. 20.  Begin reading Ch. 21 and completing workbook pages.

Friday:  Properties of acids and bases.

Social Studies, Week of 3/9

Monday:  Check Ch. 12 Study guides.  TCAP practice TN17 & p. 409.  Test Ch. 20.  Work on Flip books and maps due 3/24.

Tuesday:  TN18 & 19 Tcap Practice. Week in Rap Current Events. Powerpoint Presentation:  The Antebellum South (Ch. 13)  Graded WS:  Cotton in the South Map Activity.

Wednesday:  Study Island on laptops.  Assignment #3 due Friday 3/13.  2 bonus points for each blue ribbon. ALL SECTIONS MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE TCAP!

Thursday:  CMS Play, no class

Friday:  Graded WS:  Interpreting graphs:  The Southern Population 1860.

Science, Week of 3/9

Ch. 20 workbook pages due Tues. 3/24.  Ch. 20 Study guide and Test on Wed. 3/25.

Monday:  Reviewed answers to Ch. 19 Test.  Began Ch. 20.  Chemical symbols and formulas.  Practice WS counting atoms, writing covalent formulas.

Tuesday:  Bellwork:  Practice WS writing Ionic Compounds.  Begin instruction on balancing chemical equations.

Wednesday:  Balancing chemical equations Practice WS.  Graded worksheet tomorrow on balancing chemical equations.

Thursday:  Graded worksheet on balancing chemical equations.  Instruction on 4 main types of chemical reactions. Practice WS on 4 main types of chemical reactions.

Friday:  Graded worksheet on identifying 4  main types of chemical reactions.

Science, Week of 3/2

HOMEWORK:  Ch. 19 Workbook pages due Thursday,  Ch. 19 Study Guide and Test:  Friday

Monday:  Ionic Bonding.  If students complete periodic table by Wed., I will laminate them.  They can be used on the next 3 tests!

Tueday:  Ion or Atom WS.  Covalent Bonding.  Electron Dot (Lewis) Diagram practice.

Wednesday:  Chemical identification Lab.

Thursday:  Check Ch, 19 Workbook pages.  Metallic Bonding.  Review for Test tomorrow.

Friday:  Check Study guides.  Test Ch. 19.  Begin reading Ch. 20 & completing workbook pages and study guides.

Social Studies Week of 3/2

TN Flip book and US Map Project due Tues. 3/24. Counts as a Test Grade!

Study Island Assignment #3 due Friday 3/17

One Time Only Special Offer. Students who did not complete Assignment #2 can complete it by this Friday for a 90% grade!

Chapter 12 Test and Study Guide: Monday, 3/9. Extra Help session any morning at 7:30!

Monday: Bellwork: TNp.9,10,11,12 Tcap review. Instrucition Biddy Mason, CA Gold Rush. Review game for test tomorrow.

Tuesday: TN13 Tcap review. Shelby County SS Assessment – 10 questions. Test Ch. 11. TCAP Coach Book p. 51-19.

Wednesday: TN14 TCAP review. Industrial Revolution Timeline. Biography jigsaw activity.     Groups – Graphic Organizers p. 389 #4. Study Guides for Ch. 12 distributed.  Begin working on assigned advertisements for presentation on Friday.

Thursday: TN15 TCAP review.  Instruct Sec. 2. Primary Source. p. 394: Sarah G. Bagley.   Effects on workers wages.  Work on Advertisements/presentations. Quiz 12-1/2 tomorrow.

Friday: TN16 TCAP review. Quiz 12.1/2. Transportation Revolution. Gibbons v Ogden.  Presentations.  Transportation Map Activity – graded. Test Ch. 12 Monday.

Social Studies, Week of 2/23

Homework:  Ch. 11 Study guide due Monday 3/2.  Test Ch. 11 Tuesday 3/2.  Extra Credit due 2/27.  Study Island Assignment #2 due Friday, 2/27.

Monday: Worked on Study Island.  Assignment 2 due by 2/27.  Extra Credit due by 2/27. Ch. 11 Study Guide distributed.

Tuesday:  Reviewed Ch. 10 Test answers.  Westward Expansion.  Trails to the West.  Challenges to travelers. Quiz 11-1 tomorrow.

Wednesday:  Quiz 11-1.  Section 11-2 :  Texas

Thursday:  Vocabulary Activity 11-2.  War with Mexico.  Quiz 11-3 tomorrow.

Friday:  Quiz 11-3.  Instruction:  The Gold Rush.

Science, Week of 2/23

Homework for week: Workbook pages due Monday 3/2. Study guide and Ch. 19 Test Tuesday 3/3.

Monday: Periodic table, electron levels, 2-8-8 rule, valence electrons. Ch. 19 Study Guides distributed along with blank periodic tables. Students can complete the tables and use on the tests for the next 4 chapters.

Tuesday: Practice using the periodic table. Ions, isotopes and ionic bonding.

Wednesday: Super Soaker Lab.

Thursday: Ion WS. Begin covalent bonding.

Friday: Dad’s Day. Work on Ch. 19 Study guide, workbook pages, and periodic tables.

Social Studies Week of 2/18

Wednesday:  Video clips, questions and discussion about Andrew Jackson’s presidency from PBS. Quiz 10-3 tomorrow.

Thursday:  Quiz 10-3.  Video clips, questions, and discussion about Andrew Jackson’s Indian removal and the nullification crisis from PBS.  Review for test Ch. 10. Study guide and Test Ch. 10 tomorrow.

Friday:  Check Study guides for Ch. 10 for completion.  Ch. 10 Test.  Begin reading Ch. 11.

Science Week of 2/18

Wednesday: Reviewed Mechanical Advantage and Mechanical Efficiency ws. 6 types of simple machines instruction. Checked Ch. 18 Workbook pages.

Thursday: Six types of simple machines practice .  Inclined Plane Work Lab.  Study guide and test for Ch. 18 tomorrow.

Friday: Check Ch. 18 Study guides. Test Ch. 18. Finish lab reports from yesterday.  Begin reading Ch. 19 and working on workbook pages.